Saturday, May 11, 2013

I Never Asked for A Sister by Dog #1

I was sleeping soundly one evening when Mom came home with Mia and called her my sister.  We sniffed and then she went for my squeaky frog.  Wouldn't you know she would claim my favorite toy.  Right from the start she has been in my business.
Me with my frog

Who is Eeyore?
On the first day Mom started calling me Eeyore. When she says it she seems to be teasing and I don't get it.  Sometimes she calls me Napoleon and I don't get that either.

Around the 'hood

Mia is very tall and, well, truth be told, I am vertically challenged.  But I make up for it in the bigness of my demeanor.  It is important to let everyone know who is in charge so I always try to be there first to guard the door, protect Mia from the black lab next door, and make sure that the treats Mom hands out are safe to eat.

She bugs me.  She's younger and less mature and she nags me to play and teases me by taking my toys, biting my neck, and running with them.  Every now and then I like to run and chase, but not as often as she wants.
Keeping the house safe

Keeping her bowl clean
Mom thinks I don't realize that Mia gets more food than I do.  I see how many scoops she gets and I know I don't get that much.  But I do her a huge favor and clean out her bowl after every meal so it is ready.

She hoards toys.  Not just a couple of them but most of them (notice I got my squeaky frog back).

Sharing the new bed
She got a new bed.  I like it and I sleep in it when I can. Sometimes she crawls in bed with me.  I don't really mind because I can sleep through most anything.

Me and Miss Nosey
I definitely won this fight
If I sniff, she sniffs.  Nothing gets past her.  Well she stuck her nose in my business one too many times and I peed on it.  She didn't seem to notice.  Dumb or what?  Girls are so confusing.

She is the only one with a pinch collar - she pulls too much
People stare at us when we walk down the street on our split leash.  Sometimes people ask if I am a puppy and she is the mom.  It's so embarrassing.

We are a pretty good team when we hunt rabbits in the back yard.  It is important to note that I caught a rabbit by myself when I was an only child; together we have never caught one but we have fun trying at least.  

She walks fast.  Her walk is a trot for me and I have to work harder.  I just try to look elegant when I move along beside her.

She doesn't understand dudes.  She is impatient when I mark (ok a lot) trees and bushes while we are on our walks.  Because we have the split leash, she can pull me along when I am the most vulnerable.  It is really annoying.

Here she is trying to hog the treats

I sometimes wish for a little more peace and quiet.  She thinks she is part of the bark patrol and often tunes up when I am asleep and don't always hear the mailman.  I just want to note that the mailman  never got past the door on my watch before and I really don't need her to try to take over my job.

Sometimes I let her spend a little time alone with Mom or the boys but mostly I feel it is my job, my right actually, to intervene so they don't get too close.  Sometimes I miss the good old days of being an only dog.
With MY buddy

Oh boy did she get hollered at when she tried to dig out part of the pond to get a bullfrog.  I kept my paws clean on that one while she was covered in mud.  She didn't pay attention when I tries to warn her:  "ix-nay on the ond-pay."  I don't think she understood.  After that, trouble.

Me, with the headless bear
Ok so I beheaded her favorite toy that she brought from her foster home.  It was annoying and I had to get her back for taking my stuff.  Now it is two toys.  Most of the fluff is gone, too.

If I had a choice in the matter I probably would have said "no" to getting a sister.  But now that she is here, I guess I would miss her if she disappeared.  But don't tell her that.


  1. Labrador LandingMay 12, 2013 at 7:46 AM

    Loved it! I have a rather bossy first dog who constantly makes sure Molly, my second dog, knows who's in charge. There are toys all over the house, but Nilla usually wants the one Molly has, and so it goes...

    1. Yes I think that Dudley's reaction is typical. He's adjusting, but it has taken some time and he will always be a little jealous, I suspect. He is still a bit of an Eeyore.

  2. I do not have a dog, but I'll bet if you asked my two brothers, they would feel the same way as Dog #1

  3. Yes that happened in our home as well. I hope you can have a dog some day!