Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Grimace Glasses

At an auction several years ago, my youngest son bought a case of souvenir glasses that included several of the Grimace.  For a long time they were our primary water glasses, kept on the lowest shelf above the counter.   They were so silly and I was a little annoyed because I thought they were tacky and did not fit with our decor.  But they were funny and someone always made a reference to them, particularly the Grimace. 

When he left for college, I put his collection away.  It was a sad time.  I cleaned out closets, enjoyed a little more space and pretended I was happy about the lack of dirty glasses all over the house. 

I replaced the Grimaces with grown-up glasses for a year or so until he noticed that his special ones were missing.  Four Grimace glasses appeared back in the cupboard one day (and some went to college with him).  For the last two years I have enjoyed having the Grimaces back, the bright blue body, google eyes and pink mouth shining out at me when I open the white cupboard doors.

These glasses symbolize the need for a bright spot, for humor, and for preserving memories of good times, childhood and a time of growth.  I miss the cheery school boy faces drinking from the glasses and the brotherly joking that went on, glasses in hand. 

The Grimaces are an important reminder of the wholesomeness of childhood and the good sense of humor of a very entertaining son.  Grimace is a misnomer.  He makes me smile -- all four of him.

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