Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quarterly Review

After three months it is time to take a close look at a new relationship.  Stockholders expect a dividend.  Employers measure productivity.  Partners in a dating relationship make assessments too.

I took a look at the first quarter of the rest of Dudley's life, and some of his characteristics, and let him offer a few comments in response.  (Dudley is a rescue dog.  See Love at First Click for background)  I hope you enjoy.
Athletic ability:   Dudley is not much of an athlete.  He  loves to swim just enough to get wet.  He likes to run but he doesn't do it very often.  He is more of a marathon sleeper!

  • Dudley:  she takes me for long walks every day.  She's able to keep up with me pretty well but sometimes I have to really yank that rope to make her hurry along, like when there is a RABBIT across the street.
Looks:    What could be more handsome and delicious than chocolate fur and beautiful soft floppy ears?
  • Dudley:  everything is black and white to me.  I can see her and I like it when she looks in my eyes in that special way.
Nature-loving:   Dudley loves long walks to hunt for neighborhood rabbits and chipmunks and he has a beautiful pointing stance when he has his eye on one.  He finds toads catches bugs and loves to poke around under bushes in the garden, or dig a hole or two

  • Dudley:  there are definitely not enough rabbits in the neighborhood.  She's pretty good about wanting to share these experiences but that rope keeps me from meeting my goals.  Just when I get close, she reins me in.  But every now and then one of the frogs gets out of the big water bowl in the back yard and I chase it until it jumps back in.
Wealth:  Never have I seen a dog with so much love to give.  He worships me, constantly aware of where I am, what I am doing and what I am eating!  His eyes tell everything.

  • Dudley:  boy am I one lucky dude.  My first three years were not so great.  No fancy chow, no regular Milk Bones and nobody who loved me like this.  I used to worry about when I was going to be given away again; I haven't thought about that in a while.
Enjoys relaxation:  This dog is one expert napper.  He sleeps most of the day and all night.  He peeks out of barely open eyelids, not wanting to miss a snack or a field trip.

  • Dudley:  the Kind One never sleeps but she sure does like to sit in that chair with the lighted board in front of her.  Some mornings I am ready for our walk long before she is and the waiting is intolerable.  This must be how humans relax because she does an awful lot of it.  My favorite time is when she scratches my belly.  Belly rubs are the best way to relax!
Protective:  That boy can bark!  No intruder could get past the front door or any other entrance without Dudley announcing them.  He is also extremely protective if he perceives danger.  Normally a calm and unruffled fellow, if he thinks another dog could harm me, he defends with every ounce of his energy.
  • Dudley:  it's my job to make sure the house is safe and She is not in any danger.  Sometimes it just feels good to let out a big bark, and another and another.  But nobody is going to take Her away from me.  
Well-traveled:  Dudley came here from Missouri and he has already been on two long car trips totaling almost a month and about 3,500 miles.  He is a great traveler and loves the car rides and adventure (and the treats).

  • Dudley:  when She says "want to go for a ride in the car?" of course I act enthusiastic.  She sounds so happy about it and, after all, sometimes it means treats and always means spending more time with Her.
Hunting for chipmunks in the wood pile
Intelligent:  Dudley is not the world's smartest four-legged, but he has enough smarts to get along just fine.  He is clueless about the danger of going in the street.  While he now knows to sit at the curb until I tell him he can cross, he fails to comprehend why.

  • Dudley:  She doesn't understand that this sitting at the curb business means wasted time that could be used in chasing rabbits.  But it makes her happy and if I don't do it she won't cross the street.  Not smart if you ask me, but she gets along ok.

Already into our second quarter, Dudley and I make a pretty good team and I feel blessed with dividends.  He's good company and just the best sort of chocolate friend anyone could ask for.

Friday, September 9, 2011

After the Rain

It rained in record inches for many days straight - after we had an earthquake and hurricane/tropical storm.  In short, it has been a weatherman's dream week.
Basements have leaked, roads have been closed, people have been injured or killed and things have been doggone awful.  In fact, it has been very hard on dogs and their humans; mine has been indignant at my insistence that we shorten our long walks during the deluge.  

Then it stopped.   The sky got bluer and bluer and the sun emerged, timidly.  No more beating noise on the roof and windows, or chugging sounds from the sump pumps.    
I couldn't resist shouting loudly to my waterlogged sleeping dog, "Dudley the sun is out," and flinging open the door to the garden and going out to wallow in it.  Outside, here is what we saw: